Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Could Bearsharktopus Threathen Screaming Pumpkin?

Shev did Ironman Wisconsin in Madison a month ago and had I known it I would have never let her in the water. I found out the night after her race they found a dead body floating!!!! Yuck!!!!! It's true. She was pretty nervous and didn't know why. She's kind of psychic and I didn't just want to write it off to pre-race nerves. Well, today we found out why. They have a really nasty beast in that lake. It's called Bearsharktopus and it's really scary! Here is a picture of it.

Whew! It's my understanding that peeing in the water can attract this beast. Be careful Shev! Ironman can be dangerous. As for you pumpkin heads. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Wisconsin and Illinois are separated by only an unguarded border with little more than a toll booth attendant to stop him. Could Bearsharktopus exist in Springdale cemetary? God help us if it does.


Matt S. said...

Great pic Shev, it's evident to see your true emotion and heart pouring through!

Rob, once again, you need help. I'm scheduling an intervention and bringing a therapist along with me to Huntsville. Find a comfy couch down there, we'll meet you w/ a questionnaire.

Rob F. said...


Just remember. They mocked the guy who discovered Bigfoot too!


helgemr said...

I've had Bearsharttopus jump on my back during the last portions of interval training! He looks scary but is actually quite harmless except for the fact he really slows you down.