Monday, September 7, 2009

A bit of confidence

Sunday was raining but not unpleasantly cold. We stepped from Running Central and the Whites opened up early for a promotion. It was great to get out of the rain. I was having trepidations because I've been unable to get over this 12 mile barrier. Sometimes you need a crutch to help you overcome what seems very difficult. Anyway, i found some modern dance "shoes" that you put your toes through like gloves. They are made for dancing on hardwood floors and provide a little suede cushion on the ball of the foot to prevent blisters. They only go up to mid arch. So no heel support or straps. Very minimal. I am in the learning phase and I wanted something that wouldn't allow for me to revert to my form in shoes. They took it for the team. By the end of the run they had big holes in the soles. This might be an indication I'm scuffing a bit. Regardless, now my feet are in pretty good shape for the next, albeit shorter, barefoot run. I believe the dance paw still promote a barefoot stride. It's not the same as being barefoot mind you, but it can be effective at getting you through an injury on the ball of the foot or to a new unattempted distance. I am happy I completed 16 miles. It's a new first. Now I need to do this distance without them.

After the run, I went up to visit my bud Ty and enjoyed roast pig and beer in Downers Grove. It turned out to be a great afternoon and my kids enjoyed all the kids that were there as much as I did. It's Labor day so I get another day from work. Very nice.


Matt S. said...

Memorial Day huh?...hmmm...I celebrating Labor Day out here :). I'm glad you're beginning to heal! Now go take our your wife, this is an important week for her!

Rob F. said...

It's a Time Zone thing. You're in CA. We are several days ahead of you :-)

Matt S. said...

Yeah I need to consider that when I start my marathon taper :).