Monday, September 28, 2009

Rich Giebelhausen's Auckland 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Well, that was an interesting race. Pretty much makes the IVS Half Marathon look like a flat course!!
It was very challenging and what really added to the fun was for over half the course we had to run on sidewalks. They wouldn't let us run in the streets because they were real busy. The problem was the sidewalks were right next to the streets. Most of them were concrete and you had to deal with all the curb and driveway elevation changes. It seemed like your feet never had a level or even surface to land on. I am not real (actually, I am awful) good on uneven surfaces so it added to the fun: an interesting twist to the race since I don't wear my glasses when I run. The side walks were narrow so passing was a challenge in spots.
I am not trying to sound like I am complaining but it wasn't easy - as my time shows it. I think we are a little spoiled with how big races are run in this country. It was well run but not being able to use the streets; well that was different.
Here is a link from my Garmin:
If you click on the elevation tab, you will see what the course was like - over 2,900 feet of elevation gain! The first couple of climbs were manageable but starting at the 8K mark the fun really began. It just didn't let up until about the 12K mark. Some of the switchbacks were very tight so doing the inside line would just add to the misery. In theory, you would think the downhill would help but the legs were trash by that point.

Rich and I were talking last night at the Tri-P social at Old Chicago. In addition to the World Championships and the 1/2 he decided to do a bit of bungee jumping. Here are a few shots. Would I do it. No! Not just no. Hell NO!!!

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Matt S. said...

Awesome pictures Rich. That must have been incredible!