Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We know a thing by its opposite. We know happiness because we know what sadness is. Hot means nothing without cold. Mozart is enhanced by Michael Jackson. Learning to run naturally without pain is learned by knowing pain. By embracing our failures we can taste success. Life is a process. Knowing an opposite enables us to get a "boost" of mood to appreciate more profoundly what we experience. Trying something new and uncomfortable enriches us in ways we can't predict from the comfort of our easy chairs. Set a goal and make it one that's not certain to be achieved. Try something new.

6 Miles on the Treadmill last night with 40 mins of core/stability before. Did one of the miles at 6:44 pace. Had to slow down because my technique was falling apart. The treadmill really abrades the soles so I have to be conservative. I don't know if it's the moving surface or the texture of the belt. Maybe it's a combo of both. I believe it can be helpful at getting me back up to pace though I must be cautious. It's not quite barefoot running.

I'm going up to Madison to watch Shev compete in her first Ironman tomorrow. I'm hoping she has a good day. I'm looking forward to it! She's ready.

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