Monday, September 21, 2009

Local Couple Completes St. Louis To Chicago Spectathalon

Some local runners have been trying their hand at Ironman triathlons but two IVS members have stepped up to tackle something much more extreme. Michael and Dawn Helgeson competed this weekend in a 500 mile 2 day Spectathalon. The course involved a a 140km drive from Peoria to St. Louis, a 30 minute hot tub at the local La Quinta Inn, a 3 hour Cardinal Baseball game, another 30 minute hot tub, 8 adult beverages, one late night inebriated phone call to Chris Friedman (with singing), a brutal 10 mile run along the banks of the Mississippi River totally hung over, breakfast, a 220km drive to Soldier Field, 2 hours and 5 beers later a walk to The Hilton Palmer House and a morning drive home with VERY dark shades.

Well Done Team Helgeson!!!!!


helgemr said...

Wow, the pinpoint accuracy of your account is scary! You must have been stalking us.

Matt S. said...

Haha classic!