Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marathon training is hard! It takes about 6 minutes a day

Hell of a week huh? They say celebs die in threes. First MJ, then that dude who did the oxy clean ads, who's next schroff?!? Just kiddn dude. Don't go freakin out now Shroffy. Anywho....

What is it about distance runners? Runners seem to be some of the most entertaining humans on the face of the planet. I guess thats why I like hanging out with em. I just finished reading Justin Youngs blog (again), The Cassidy Feed. Justin had me falling over laughing out loud. All those hours at LT pace has his blood flowing through the humorous part of his brain. If you've not read any of his posts I highly recommend you check him out this this is one about the infamous Boredom run. IMO, it's the little publicized triad of the steamboat running festival. They give prize money.....22 bucks. I've never seen so many hung over fast dudes show up in one place. But thats another post Donini!

Recently, it was reported in the New York Times that reseachers have discovered when rats are forced to swim vigorously for short periods of time, they achieved the same fitness as rats forced to swim 3 hour workouts. Regardless of your opinions surrounding long rodent swim workouts, a growing number of scientists now believe these effects occur in people as well. It's not called the rat race for nothin.

Well, ok maybe this isn't proof positive for a 6 minute a day marathon but wtf. How bout we try it?

If You Want To Live Long

According to best selling author David Shields if you want to live longer, you should --in addition to the obvious: eating less and losing weight -- move to the country, not take work home, do what you enjoy and feel good about yourself, get a pet, learn to relax, live in the moment, laugh, listen to music, sleep 6 to 7 hours a night; be blessed with long lived parents and grandparents (35 percent of your longevity is due to genetic factors); be married, hug, hold hands, have sex regularly, have a lot of children, get along with your mother, accept your children, nurture your grandchildren; be well educated, stimulate your brain, learn new things,; be optimistic, channel your anger in a positive way, not always have to be right; not smoke; use less salt, have chocolate occasionally, eat a Mediterranean diet of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish, and poultry, drink green tea and moderate amounts of red wine; exercise; have goals, take risks; confide in a friend, not be afraid to seek psychological counseling; be a volunteer, have a role in the community; attend church, find God.

My score: 28 of 42

Monday, June 22, 2009

OB Always Gets His Doritos

I do what I can to keep fit. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have plenty-o-fun too. But sometimes I get more than I bargained for. It's a goal of mine to be as healthy as possible when I finally do die (I need a decent viewing). So, I make time for fitness and try to eat healthy. In spite of my best intentions, OB (pronounced "Oh Bee") will always let me down. He can get me into more trouble than a phone call at 2 am from Big Willie. You see, OB's my primal me. He (or it) is like having an evil Siamese twin. We're bonded at the hippocampus. He doesn't have a voice, he doesn't understand English (or any language for that matter). He's my gift from evolution. He's the primitive crocodile styled inner brain thats truly in charge. If I vow to eat less, OB eats whatever the hell he wants. If I commit to get up at 4:30 and go for a run, OB turns off the alarm and sleeps in. If I swear off drinking beer, OB goes out and gets drunk. I can't shake the guy! He's bad! REALLY BAD! It's like I have 2 brains in my head but one is a troll brain. Granted, many out there have inner trolls much more damning than mine. None the less I've got issues. Here's the detailed graphic of OB's troll brain....

This is not a normal brain.

No matter how hard I try to resist OB, he over rules my intentions and misbehaves. Then, just when I am resigned to the fact I am destined to be a fat slob, ready to give up, OB stops doing what ever the hell he was doing and throws me a bone. He let's ME be in charge! Small victory. I've tried everything to get him to behave. Sometimes I sit down and give myself a 45 minute talk (usually nobody is around). I tell myself to be a little less self-indulgent. I talk to myself about what it is I need to do to stay focused on my goals. Oh yeah and I tell myself, above all other things, STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF!

I hope some of what I am saying is getting through to me!

Somewhere between the sacred and the profane is the Doritos; I don't know how they are made. After proper seasoning, when slowly baked, they can bridge that gap between heaven and earth. ARRRGGGH...I AM THE DORITOS!!!! (Where DID THAT COME FROM????)

I just looked down.....I'm holding the last of what WAS a full bag of Doritos. In my cool ranch encrusted fingers lies the last remnants of the bag, mostly crumbs. My arm is unconsciously hoisting the up-to-now unenjoyed wad to my mouth. A small pile of crumbs is on the floor. Where (the #$%^) did the rest of the bag go?!? Did Shev say to save her some? Where have I been?! OB, you suck!!!! I don't feel very good.

This is me and OB last night.

My wife Shev is the real exercise maniac. She managed some years ago to kill her inner troll off completely. (Almost out of beer OB lets ME finish the rest of this post) Guess that's why she enjoys having me around! In a strange way, love me or hate me....I'm HER OB!


The 15k run on Sunday went pretty well considering how unfit I was. It was HOT. I ended up about 3 1/2 minutes slower than last year. I'll take it. Sheila took this picture before the start.

Friday, June 19, 2009

No Joke. A Cheeseburger in A Can.

I made it back to p-town no worse for wear. I am looking forward to tomorrow and a chance to see everyone. In typical Steamboat fashion the heat arrived as scheduled. I got in about 6 last night and my bud Ken Beckler asked if I'd take a run with him. I figured it would be a chance to try another first. We were doing the Bishop hill loop and I never attempted that barefooted. It was challenging. Right around Doc Shek's house the streets becomes a big meat tenderizer. It's right in the middle and no point in stopping. I put my Tiger Paws on when I got home. Hopefully I won't blister too badly. Good luck to the people running Steamboat tomorrow. It's a great event and I look forward to it each year. It sucks for me I'm not ready to test my time but I am enjoying the disruption from marathon training. Hopefully my pigs will recover before tomorrow morn.

On a side note. Check the link below for more. YUCK!

At what point do you get hungry enough to eat this?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Post

Just once, I'd like to get an invite like this!

The Goal: To run a sub-5:00 mile barefoot.

Here is a find! It's a blog I follow because he reminds me well, of me. My site is a personal dedication to beating Dave Schroff in races of all distances. This blog takes a similar single minded goal as it's over reaching theme. Its written by Andrew Cox. Simply put, he is all consumed to run a sub-5:00 mile barefoot. Unlike me who's well on my way to achieving my goal, he's just starting out on his journey so you can still get in on the ground floor. He's not barefoot yet but transitioning with his Vibram Five Finger shoes. Adam at Running Central sells these shoes. Go pick up a pair an try em out. Enjoy.

Dave Schroff, Coach Greg, Barefoot Ted and the Tamaharra Tribe

My blog title has been (appropriately) irreverent for the last year as my bud Shroffy works out the root cause of his foot troubles. I am still committed to being faster than him. He's in trouble though so I guess I'll throw him a tootsie roll. He has a bone edema (bruising of the bones in the feet) and a case of planters thats keeping him out of my sites for the season. Hopefully he'll get it straightened out soon and I can go back to bashing him like an unwanted step child. Till then, heal up and get faster. I need a target!

While I'm waiting. I'm actuually still recovering from an overuse injury myself. Although it sucks being injured I'm enjoying an off season of doing some other things besides running. I'm cycling, swimming, lifting and most importantly, experimenting with barefoot running and minimal footwear. I am thinking about trying a pair of Hurrache Sandals. My fellow minimalist Barefoot Ted sells kits and complete shoes. I've made a few other posts about them. If you missed it check this out.
Anywho. They look really cool. Coach Greg's books got me thinking about how much things change and how much the stay the same. Here's an old ad Bill Rodgers ran back in the 80's touting the tribe that made this shoe famous.

Last night was a great time. I headed to the track for Team Steam. Scott Willie and I did the workout early so he and I could help out at practice. Coach Greg shoes up with 2 great old running books. He knows I have a love of these things. They've yellowed over time and orinally cost less than $2 each. Too cool. I love the old shoes in the booklet. Here is what they looked like.

What a great looking shoe. Man I wish I could get a pair!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beer is Better Than Water after a Workout

This week has been a wirl wind of traveling without much running or exercising. I visited my Mom who was graduating from Ministry school in Charlotte and then it was off to Baltimore for work. I made it fun by taking my daughter. I am signed up for the Steamboat Classic 15k run on Saturday. I'm not sure WHAT I was thinking. With all the lack of fitness I've managed to accumulate, it's gonna have to be a training run this year. I think I'll wear my monkey feet though just to see how that feels. I briefly entertained a barefoot attempt but those streets are brutal. I am ok with that. Barefoot Julian gave me advice to work on running sidewalks more till I get the technique down. In Charlotte I did 2 back to back 6 milers at about 9:20 pace. The second day my feet were pretty sore. I don't think a 15k on the streets is in the cards.

Now to the beer. It's always a tradition after Steamboat to have a few cold ones after the race. My wife sent me this link.

Evidently they now have scientific proof that beer is best after a training run. Ok. I can live with that.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Evidence for Cushioned Control

I have been challenged by some who see me running barefooted or marathon training in flats. They insist I am setting myself up for catastrophy. They have been taught a marathon shoe should consist of lots of padding and control to be safe. I worry just the opposite may be true and that we are actually creating more problems because we are using these shoes. Recently, a scientist at the University of Newcastle set out to answer the distance shoe question. Research of the scientific literature supporting a heavier marathon shoe was done by Dr. Craig Richards. Dr. Richards found that although many manufacturers of running shoes were making claims supporting the use of cushioned control shoes, the global pool of sports medicine research contained nothing to support such claims. I found this article the other day. It's very interesting. See this link for more info.

I've been fascinated by this subject because I have personnally noticed that runners wearing these types of shoes tended to run unnaturally. They would often heal strike and it appeared the energy is directed not toward propelling the runner forward, but up and into the knee and hip. It looked to me as if the legs were being thrust into the torso. It just didn't look right. To get at what I am trying to describe, I found a video demonstrating the difference between how natural running is altered by such shoes. Dr. Richards calls such shoes a PCECH shoe. It is defined as a running shoe with pronation control to prevent thee ankle from rolling in and an elevated cushioned heal. The video does a great job of illustrating how such shoes alter the way we run by making a recording of the same runner on the same day. The clip is two videos side by side demonstrating how a runner uncoached alters their gait based on wearing a PCECH shoe.

The subject demands more scientific research. Based on my personal experience and review of the current literature. I do not to use such shoes. I have moved toward a more minimal lowered heal shoe for long distance running. My marathon shoes are considered by the conventional running shoe community to be 5k flats. When I am running very short distances I may even go completely barefoot. I wan't to go fast and be healthy. Until I discover hard evidence to support such shoes, barring serious injury, I am sticking with this strategy.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Daisy Ruins Breakfast

Grapenuts. God I must be ancient. I usually put plain yogurt on top and add fruit. No honey, no sugar. I just love this cereal. Today I read in the Wall Street Journal the brand is in trouble. Although I wasn't personally named in the paper, I am (apparently) one of about five people left in the world that still eats them. It could be they don't resonate with a younger, hipper, Obama nation. It could be they are neither made from grapes or from nuts. It could be they are as hard as gravel. I don't know. But, it's with some trepidation I write this post. My fingers on the keyboard might as well be the boot of the hangman. I am kicking the last breath from the condemned man when he's going down. Because if you are like me, after this, you'll never be able to eat them again without gagging. I am in the kitchen enjoying breakfast. I have my grape nuts in my bowl and a shot of espresso next to it and life is pretty good. Then I turn to see Daisy, my 7 year old boxer, enter the kitchen. She looks longingly at me munching on my bowl. It's a gaze of fellowship and of longing. She's drooling and has somthing instantly recognizable all over her face. It's not the first time.

She's retarded! She's drooling because she's imagining the treat I MUST be eating. Thankfully for me she was wrong. Looking at her, I almost dropped my spoon. I knew! I'm going to gross a few of you out. She had gone down into the basement and gotten into the cat's litter box. She ate about 6 litter crusted cat turds and came up from the basement with much of the evidence sticking to her jowels. Yuck-Barf-Yuck....Day OVER! Granted, we are both mammals, but for the love of god how does a creature manage to have that kind of perspective? When I look at my cat I think, "what an unclean disgusting animal". He's probably got rabies or pin worms from eating rats or dead squirrels from the back yard. Idiot head, on the other hand sees an organic vending machine dispensing delicious confections to be savored.