Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's Bugging You?

If you've spent any time at all outside running the last few weeks you've no doubt noticed you are covered in thousands of little specs. On close examination, you realize they are little bugs but they are not gnats. Not only is this totally gross, sadly, it may also have been introduced on purpose. You are experiencing the latest alien invasion in Central Illinois. The Asian aphid. Is it random or is it the USDA's way of making farm life better? If you know the answer give me a shout.

"As the soybean dries out they're moving out of soybean and trying to find buckthorn, which is their winter host," said Whitman. "So they're flying around looking for buckthorn. They're going to be doing that until the cold weather knocks them out."

The aphids will continue to bug us for a while. But Whitman says they won't be as bad next year.

Not it's not clear from what I have read whether these pests were brought here intentionally or by accident but who ever made the call on these if it was deserves a boot up their A##!

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