Monday, March 22, 2010

Delavan 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Delavan Splits.jpg

Here are my Delavan Splits with HR data.  Lap 6 was a stop I made at 5.71 mile mark, the water station.  I had stashed shoes.  The pavement was pretty rough and I decided my feet were taking too much abuse to continue.  Lap 7 was me changing shoes.  Lap 8 was at the 6 mile mark to get me back on track with the course markers.   Lap 5 & 14 were the most directly facing into the wind.

If you take the pit stop out for shoes, I averaged about 7:20 pace.  It was not as fast as I hoped to go but I'll take it.  Overall, with a warmup I got about 15 miles in for the day and a good workout to boot. By Mile 11 I was getting depleted.  I didn't take any gels and didn't get lunch so that may have been why.  Also the wind induced speed changes may have made me tired.  It was your typical Delavan blustery day but I didn't get hurt and actually got training benefit from it.