Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Screaming Pumpkin

The great folks who run the Macon Ga Make it By Midnight marathon have given PATFC the inspiration to try something similar here. Macon is quite a ways away from Peoria. But lot's have folks have commented to me how cool the prediction concept is. I hope someday a get chance to go to Macon and experience first hand the one and only Make it By Midnight run. From Matt's description, I'm thinkin it's a real GRINDER! PATFC will host something similar albeit not be as hard core on Halloween. It's a 12 noon finish instead of midnight. We are still working out the details so just keep watching the PATFC site for details. Basically, the plan is to use the Springdale Cemetary's IVS 1/2 marathon course X 2. The race will accomodate relays (of up to 4 runners) and individuals. No watches or pacing devices are allowed. The IVS 1/2 course is a challenging enough loop that you will get a unique opportunity to hone your skill at running consistently, by feel.....More to follow.

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