Friday, September 17, 2010

Study: Abstaining from Alcohol Significantly Shortens Life

Study: Abstaining from alcohol significantly shortens life

New research shows that those who imbibe are less likely to die than those who stay dry.

Surprised? The tightly controlled study, which looked at individuals between ages 55 and 65, spanned a 20-year period and accounted for variables ranging from socioeconomic status to level of physical activity. Led by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin, it found that mortality rates were highest for those who had never had a sip, lower for heavy drinkers, and lowest for moderate drinkers who enjoyed one to three drinks per day. I am thinking I may just live forever.  So far so good.
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Deep Fried Beer -- Thanks Rich!

Texas Chef Successfully Deep-Fries...Beer!
I sincerely hope the committee that hands out Nobel Prizes in the science fields have taken notice of one Texas chef who recently achieved a gastronomical breakthrough: deep-fried beer.

This is off the Richter scale of "What not to eat".

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mirinda Carfrae run form analysis

This run form analysis of Miranda Carfrae is absolutely without question one of the most interesting videos on the subject I have ever viewed.   This woman holds the Kona course run time record of 2:56.  Enjoy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Healing and Unlearning Bad Behaviors

So, I'm waiting in the doctors office, I have to get my car over to Kauth and Meuyer's by 5.  Shevs picking up the girls. The receptionist is a young hottie.  She reminded me of that girlfriend in "The Glades". She escorts me into a bare room with an examination table and 5 magazines, all over a year old and with benign titles e.g., Womans Day, People, Newsweek.  It's been wild month.  I've been to a Kiss concert and Shevs Ironman competition.  This time has been fun.

I was out running in Morton a month ago.  After 3 brutally hot days, this one did not disappoint.  Already 94, the pavement glistened the radiating air.    Barefoot, I was keenly aware of the surface and all its imperfections.  I trotted gingerly, my Achilles were sore from Greg's brutal schedule.  I couldn't muster much better than a 9 minute pace but sweat was gushing from my pores. Something was giving in my ankles.  I felt completely unmotivated.  Were I a better planner or more disciplined I would have not enjoyed those extra glasses of wine last night and gotten my butt out of bed.  At nearly 173 lbs, I was as heavy as ever although I was running 45-55 miles a week.

I had gotten so worn down I no longer took time to stretch or to do any cross training.  I just wanted to eat and drink when I got done with my workouts.  This is not a good place to be for mentally.  So, when I got home that night after only completing half the prescribed distance and none of it at the prescribed pace I again began feeling the stiffness returning to the ankles.  The right ankle was swollen noticeably.   I had to do something or risk a big setback.  So I quit.

I've been injured before from too much, too soon and recognized the train light heading my direction in the tunnel.

In hindsight it's been very good for me to mentally reboot and I don't regret the pause.  I needed to work on some of the non-running aspects of my life and rekindle the furnice.

A knock on the door and Dr. Rians enters.  He's accompanied by an intern with who looks about 25.  He's carrying a folder with my MRI.  Good news. No stress fracture.   It's a condition called Synovitus.  The lacy tissue surrounding the ankle produces too much fluid making the joint painful and swollen.  I still can't run but isn't restricting my mobility.  I can handle all the day to day walking and I can swim and bike although biking too hard still aggravates my ankle a bit.  So for now, I am working on losing a few pounds and doing some of the exercises I should have been doing all along.  I am strengthening my core and stability muscles used to run and swimming and biking.  I'm enjoying playing games with my girls and goofing off.

Stay well!