Friday, August 7, 2009

Pigman Bio's

So as I prep for the Pigman 1/2 ironman and almost certain annihilation. Mike Krause, who's lined up a couple of relays for the race sends team members an email asking for bio material. Apparently the announcers, Dennis Green and Jon Weih are looking for material when you come across the finish line to give some color to the race. Sounds like a fun tradition; to give a tidbit or two about athletes backgrounds and/or racing experiences. They then can share them with the spectators during the race. Here's Mikes Suggestion:

Sawyer Krause -regularly trains with Aqua Man on Saturday Mornings at 7AM on CBS

David "Don't Hassle the Hoff" Schroff - changed his name to be more like his heart throb: "Baywatch" hero, Mitch Buchannon (played by david hasslefhoff). David was briefly jailed in 1999 for stalking, but he's okay now...

Michael Helgeson - Boasts one of the largest beanie baby collections in the Midwest. He's particularly fond of the 57 varieties of pigs in the collection

(Mike H re-writes bio:)
10 years of competitive running. First team triathlon. Would only be able to perform a triathlon on own if water were shallow enough to run in.

Rob Fennell -- Entered on dare by athletically gifted wife and relying on power of positive thinking over training. Isn't 1/2 ironman really all about luck anyway? On a whim, decides not to wear shoes. Wife agrees its a double good idea.

Shevaun Fennell -- is married to that guy running with no shoes. What else is there to say?

So, please reply to this email and tell us a little about yourself. First race? We'd like to know! Racing with a training partner? Tell us about them? What's your training beverage of choice? The wilder the better!

Reply deadline is August 12.


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