Monday, August 10, 2009

Last EPIC workouts before Pigman

Ken Beckler rode with me yesterday. He knows some awesome routes! I appreciated him fixing my aero-bars too. Shev warned me they were slipping so Ken put some shims in that should stop this. I rode for about 3 hours and ran 12 miles afterwards. I kept the intensity down to reduce the amount of tissue damage. It was a tough run for me. Miraculously, Shev shows up with the girls at the 5 mile mark in the nick of time. It was HOT! 92 degrees. It was 10:30 am when I started my run. My feet were frying themselves and I didn't quite know what I was going to do. I was making my way up Central ave. and the pavement was starting to really cook my pigs. Had she not shown up with the vibrams I'd have had a very long day with much foot damage. As it turns out I completed the run but had to wear shoes for the last 8. Oh well, it's better to run in the Vibrams than to not run at all. Hopefully I'll have more luck at Pigman with the pavement. They jammed a bunch of ice cubes in my pockets that really helped too. Also a godsend was the water left out by Lynn. She's awsome and came out to say hi when I came by. The week was a good solid one with almost 40 miles of running and about 13 hours of exercise to include swimming and biking. I'll be ok (I think) at Pigman.


Matt S. said...

Wow, great work Rob! Pretty soon I'm going to start calling you Lance.

Rob F. said...

My worst weeks are considered tapers to Shev.