Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make it by Midnight Marathon

An interesting marathon I came across the other day is in Macon Georgia. It's called Make it By Midnight. Unlike most marathons, this one is a prediction run with the goal being to finish as close as possible to Midnight without going over.

How cool is that?!!!?

Matt Jenkins, a Marathon Maniac dude who prefers to run in socks writes in his blog this is one of the most challenging marathons he's ever done:

"I love this race because of the people, but the course is brutal. Set in the middle of July in the South, it's an 6-Loop course run at night with at least 2 steep hills (so 12 steep hills)."

It's held at the end of July each year if your interested check out the web site:


Anonymous said...

Next year a few of us are going to dress up as Cinderella (to go along with the whole Make it by Midnight theme).

Of course, it's not a requirement. I will be the guy with the blue skirt and all of the tattoos.

Rob F. said...

Cool. How many people do this marathon? I thought I read only 25 are allowed. True?

Anonymous said...

It looks like there were 10 last year, and there were 8 the year before that.

The course gets pretty lonely, which raises the difficulty level in my book.

Spectators include family and friends at the one aid station (every 4 miles), as well as neighborhood folks who will be wondering what the hell is going on, and who may also ask you to help them find their lost pet.

The first year, Andrew got some Kung Fu medals donated as finisher's awards (he also had tiaras for everyone). Last year, it sounds like they went all out and had the name of the race on the medals. They do take a financial loss, but he runs, so he just calls it his entry fee.

Andrew - "Tighurt" said...

We actually had running medals this year but sadly, no custom imprint. We have to leave ourselves some room to grow. :-)

The 25 runner cap includes the marathon and half-marathon. We've never reached it - generally because we do not advertise the race too much. We run it guerilla style so can't be too mainstream about our publicity.

We'd love to have you join us. Just be prepared for some serious heat and humidity and a constant dose of hills...also the greatest aid station crew ever (I'm rather biased - my wife is chief volunteer.)