Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday's Workouts - Whew!

After Canton on Saturday I wasn't sure how well I'd hold up. My plan was to run 12 miles barefoot and then head over to Ken Becklers place to meet up with him. Shev had a 6 hour century ride and was going to swing by and pick us up at the 3 hour mark. The day was textbook gorgeous. About 65 degrees and no wind in the morning with it slowly warming to about 85. My pigs were a bit tender but I decided to try them out. I knew right away it was going to be painful but decided to just take it easy and go till I couldn't anymore then switch to the Vibram ff's. Again Bootz street is the worst part of the run. The road is so gnarley. I try to jump up on the sidewalk but it's usually not a lot better than the road. Lots of broken glass and uneven concrete. I made it to the tower and worked the sidewalk along Prospect toward the turn around at Junction City. I kept it up till the 9.5 mile mark and decided to put the monkey feet on. I still had a lot to do. I ended up finishing the 12 miles and headed over to One World for a waffle! That definitely help make me feel better then it was off to Ken's. Ken was getting his bike set up. We had about 25 minutes to kill so I got my junk ready and got an espresso. The ride went really well. Thankfully Shev had enough fight out of her I was able to hang in there. I headed over to Mom and Dads to pick up the kids and grab some lunch. Man, I was beat but overall a good day of fitness. I slept really well.

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