Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Night's Brick

First let me announce that Schroffy bought himself a pair of monkey feet (Vibram FF's)!

Welcome to the MFM David!

Last nights workout was from Chillicothe. Good conditions and I might add that town is heaven for barefeet! The roads are so smooth and free of debris. I experienced pig pleasure running in Chill-ville. I rode a loop out of town from Benedict street past train tracks out north of town and did a loop that came back out at Blue Ridge road. You need to take it easy in some spots because you get some loose gravel at the bottoms of some of the steep hills. I also was chased by a dog. I was able to escape. I staged the car at Pierce and transitioned and did a run for 20 minutes at 7 min pace. That was a bit hard on the pigs. I'm not quite there with barefeet and faster running but I needed tempo pace for the workout. Overall a good time!


Unrelated, here's a great water slide you might try....

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