Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Nights PATFC All Comers Track Meet

What a night. Conditions were about as good as you get. The turnout was good and the meet was a blast. I highly recommend you come try it out. It's pretty inexpensive and fun for the whole family.

Without Adam and Marie's support this would never happen. It was a great meet for the community. I highly recommend more Striders come out! You will have a blast!

Lining up for the 5000 meter race

The 5000 meter leaders at the start.

A good one of Staley. She's planting over the hips.

Staley has a great plant and stride here.

The FAST women battle for position.

Old habits die hard. Am I heel striking?!? That's gonna hurt on pavement!

Hard to tell from this angle.

Pick it up dad. You think I got all day?

As you can see. It was a beautiful evening for a meet.

These kids have great running form! Could lower the arms a bit but they are leaning forward and pushing off the toe. Great job!


Matt S. said...

If it weren't for you ever wearing shoes, I'd be really homesick. Just kidding of course. Man I miss IVS, they do great things. Great pics too.

Rob F. said...

And I miss all our make it by midnight long AM runs Matt ;-)!

Kool Aid Man Brad said...

I love IVS too, but these are actually Peoria Area Track and Field events! Broadening the running community!!