Thursday, June 25, 2009

Marathon training is hard! It takes about 6 minutes a day

Hell of a week huh? They say celebs die in threes. First MJ, then that dude who did the oxy clean ads, who's next schroff?!? Just kiddn dude. Don't go freakin out now Shroffy. Anywho....

What is it about distance runners? Runners seem to be some of the most entertaining humans on the face of the planet. I guess thats why I like hanging out with em. I just finished reading Justin Youngs blog (again), The Cassidy Feed. Justin had me falling over laughing out loud. All those hours at LT pace has his blood flowing through the humorous part of his brain. If you've not read any of his posts I highly recommend you check him out this this is one about the infamous Boredom run. IMO, it's the little publicized triad of the steamboat running festival. They give prize money.....22 bucks. I've never seen so many hung over fast dudes show up in one place. But thats another post Donini!

Recently, it was reported in the New York Times that reseachers have discovered when rats are forced to swim vigorously for short periods of time, they achieved the same fitness as rats forced to swim 3 hour workouts. Regardless of your opinions surrounding long rodent swim workouts, a growing number of scientists now believe these effects occur in people as well. It's not called the rat race for nothin.

Well, ok maybe this isn't proof positive for a 6 minute a day marathon but wtf. How bout we try it?


Jason said...

The boredom run is not truly appreciated unless preceded by shots of Patron, late night grinding, and traces of body glitter.

Rob F. said...

The glitter acts as a sunblock.