Friday, June 19, 2009

No Joke. A Cheeseburger in A Can.

I made it back to p-town no worse for wear. I am looking forward to tomorrow and a chance to see everyone. In typical Steamboat fashion the heat arrived as scheduled. I got in about 6 last night and my bud Ken Beckler asked if I'd take a run with him. I figured it would be a chance to try another first. We were doing the Bishop hill loop and I never attempted that barefooted. It was challenging. Right around Doc Shek's house the streets becomes a big meat tenderizer. It's right in the middle and no point in stopping. I put my Tiger Paws on when I got home. Hopefully I won't blister too badly. Good luck to the people running Steamboat tomorrow. It's a great event and I look forward to it each year. It sucks for me I'm not ready to test my time but I am enjoying the disruption from marathon training. Hopefully my pigs will recover before tomorrow morn.

On a side note. Check the link below for more. YUCK!

At what point do you get hungry enough to eat this?

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