Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beer is Better Than Water after a Workout

This week has been a wirl wind of traveling without much running or exercising. I visited my Mom who was graduating from Ministry school in Charlotte and then it was off to Baltimore for work. I made it fun by taking my daughter. I am signed up for the Steamboat Classic 15k run on Saturday. I'm not sure WHAT I was thinking. With all the lack of fitness I've managed to accumulate, it's gonna have to be a training run this year. I think I'll wear my monkey feet though just to see how that feels. I briefly entertained a barefoot attempt but those streets are brutal. I am ok with that. Barefoot Julian gave me advice to work on running sidewalks more till I get the technique down. In Charlotte I did 2 back to back 6 milers at about 9:20 pace. The second day my feet were pretty sore. I don't think a 15k on the streets is in the cards.

Now to the beer. It's always a tradition after Steamboat to have a few cold ones after the race. My wife sent me this link.

Evidently they now have scientific proof that beer is best after a training run. Ok. I can live with that.


ChrisA said...

Umm...maybe 1:05. You know the boys are going to suck you in.

Matt S. said...

I prefer beer as my pre-race drink as well. Have fun this weekend you big monkey!