Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dave Schroff, Coach Greg, Barefoot Ted and the Tamaharra Tribe

My blog title has been (appropriately) irreverent for the last year as my bud Shroffy works out the root cause of his foot troubles. I am still committed to being faster than him. He's in trouble though so I guess I'll throw him a tootsie roll. He has a bone edema (bruising of the bones in the feet) and a case of planters thats keeping him out of my sites for the season. Hopefully he'll get it straightened out soon and I can go back to bashing him like an unwanted step child. Till then, heal up and get faster. I need a target!

While I'm waiting. I'm actuually still recovering from an overuse injury myself. Although it sucks being injured I'm enjoying an off season of doing some other things besides running. I'm cycling, swimming, lifting and most importantly, experimenting with barefoot running and minimal footwear. I am thinking about trying a pair of Hurrache Sandals. My fellow minimalist Barefoot Ted sells kits and complete shoes. I've made a few other posts about them. If you missed it check this out.
Anywho. They look really cool. Coach Greg's books got me thinking about how much things change and how much the stay the same. Here's an old ad Bill Rodgers ran back in the 80's touting the tribe that made this shoe famous.

Last night was a great time. I headed to the track for Team Steam. Scott Willie and I did the workout early so he and I could help out at practice. Coach Greg shoes up with 2 great old running books. He knows I have a love of these things. They've yellowed over time and orinally cost less than $2 each. Too cool. I love the old shoes in the booklet. Here is what they looked like.

What a great looking shoe. Man I wish I could get a pair!

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