Tuesday, November 11, 2008

See Surfwise!

Jon Poskowitz from MarieLynn on Vimeo.

This is not running related but check out satarist Stephen Colbert's interview of former world long board surfing champ Jon Paskowitz. After watching this interview I rented the documentary featured in this interview. The film is Surfwise. It centers around his family. His father is a medical doctor dedicated to treating the poor. Dr Paskowitz lived a very unusual life. He believed he was giving his family the most valuable and challenging education they could ever hope to receive by living on the beach (in a 14 ft rv camper) and surfing. I am guessing that not in a million years would my wife agree to any of this. She hates to even use the restroom at Denny's let alone live in a camper. It is facinating to see someone do something you'd never dare to do. Hey, I guess it works for them. Although unorthodox, they aren't any more neurotic than the rest of us.


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