Monday, November 24, 2008

Criminally Fit

Ever think you could get arrested for exercising? Well, that's what happened to Kieran Clark. He has been exercising regularly in the same spot for the last 25 years but recently police arrested him.

The world is getting crowded. Some of the most beautiful views in the country are privately owned. In Santa Monica, the Fourth Street median is very much like any other boulevard. It is public property. Unlike all property it is located in a posh neighborhood with breathtaking views of the beach and ocean. As a result, many people come to this spot to enjoy themselves. The neighborhood residents, in an attempt to address the noise, garbage, and crowds fought to pass ordinances prohibiting people from squatting in front lawns. The law was also origionally intended to keep homeless people from camping out in the boulevard. Recently, police have began to heavily patrol this area. In fact, a police vehicle now sits in the area all day. Watch the video and decide yourself if this is a case of the law run amok or a good example of zoning to control a crowded space. I believe in private property but also realize that ownership of certain assets carries a special responsibility to society in large. This responsibility goes beyond the letter of the law and strikes at basic human decency. This responsibility cannot be legistlated it is completely up to me. If I am a stickler for seclusion, I wouldn't buy a property in a high traffic area to begin with. This is controversial because it pits the individual rights of people against the public. Enjoy and comment. Happy Thanksgiving!

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