Monday, November 10, 2008

Ryan Ori's Thoughts on The New Garmin 405

I've been using the Garmin 405 for a few months. The first one they shipped repeatedly froze up, but Garmin mailed a new one and it works great. One of my regular running partners also has the 405, and we both agree it takes some time to get used to the touchiness of the bezel. If you accidentally wander into the wrong mode, it can be extremely confusing trying to navigate back to the correct screen. Once you get used to jumping around by light taps on the bezel, and once you learn to keep the watch in locked mode while running to prevent accidental taps, it seems a lot easier to use. One other minor complaint: the 405 seems like it needs to be recharged more often than the older models.

On the plus side: The new model seems to be remarkably accurate and consistent in computing distances. My old Garmin used to cut out in heavily wooded areas, around taller buildings, etc., but the 405 does a much better job of holding a GPS signal. The 405 isn't as bulky. It looks and feels more like a regular watch. If you're big on lots of bells and whistles, like downloading workouts or loading course maps into your watch before a race, the 405 offers plenty of toys.

I would recommend getting the watch and playing around with it before using it in a race. Once you're comfortable with it, you'll really like it.


Ryan lives and runs in with the Illinois Valley Striders in Peoria Il. He writes for the Journal Star to support his running addiction.

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