Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tellman Knudson Completes 101 mile week of running. Barefoot.

I'm still working on my barefoot technique. Last night I completed the FAST group C workout on the goose loop. The feet held up quite nicely. I no longer feel as if my feet are going to scab up after a workout. I'm able to do some speed changes and run some hills without shoes. I'm getting accustomed to barefoot running. Mentoring this group of runners enables me to go slow and work into my barefoot running while healing my other injury. So I'm making gains but trying to get a grasp on how much progress I should expect for my BF running and I come across this:

Tellman Knudson must be a remarkable human being. I admire his virosity on many levels. He's a visionary with the grand ambition of running across the country barefoot. To do this he will have to run about 150 miles a week. He's organized himself with enough success to get invited to dinner with former US president Clinton. I've stumbled across his blog Run Tellman Run

What I find remarkable is when surveying his blog, he was just beginning his bf journey by running in Vibram five fingers in April. In these posts he's doing about 20 minutes of barefoot running with another 30 in the shoes. By June he's completed his first 100 mile (101 to be precises) completely barefoot week!

Maybe he'll fail but maybe, just maybe, he won't. I find his quest uplifting.

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