Monday, July 27, 2009

Are We Having Any Fun Yet?

Walter Cronkite is dead. Hardly anyone paid any attention. Creepy MJ got more press. It makes you wonder. What does it all mean? Do I matter? Do you? In the long term, maybe not. But here's the thing; your life is pretty special. Your health is fleeting so have some fun while you still can.

I just got back from my midlife crisis. It was awesome! I recommend it to everyone regardless of your age, if your 22 or 72 you need to do something goofy. I've spent too many years worrying about what people think. I am done worrying about my image.

Everyone who knows me well knows, I can't dance, I can't golf and I sure as hell can't sing. When I try, people become very uncomfortable. But you know what? Comedy, when done properly SHOULD make you uncompfortable. So go ahead and shake em up. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in a the same routine. People want to see something different and you want to try something new. So go skydiving in a speedo or sail around the world in a bathtub. Dress up like a pirate and go to confession. Do something with your life before its too late, but always consider the consequences.

It's funny how happiness works. Regardless of the situation, happiness is ultimately determined by how it ends. What do I mean by this? Well, say your happily married for 15 years. After your anniversary, you find out your spouse has been having a long term affair. You don't think, gee regardless, I sure have a happy marriage. You say, I was in a bad marriage. It's not fair, but the fact the affair comes out negates all those great times you two shared. It negates the entire happy marriage. So be reckless but at the same time as strange as it sounds, be careful about your recklessness. Make decisions with a happy LONG term ending.

So don't be afraid to laugh at yourself and have some fun at your own expense. Try something unpredictable that makes you feel silly. Life is short and if you walk around worrying about what people think, you'll miss out. It doesn't have to be epic. You get joy from the little things too. Go to the grocery store barefoot. Walk the dog in your pajamas. Smoke a cigar (just not more than one) in the living room. Bottom line, have some fun. In a hundred years it won't make any difference.

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Matt S. said...

"I just got back from my midlife crisis. It was awesome!" Haha, are you kidding, you're still there. Don't lie to yourself and others who read your blog.

P.S. Great read!