Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday's Long Run -- 10 Miles

My first long run for Huntsville was 10 miles from Running Central just past the tower and back. It was a snails pace for me. When I was healthy I might have averaged 6:45 on this course but barefoot today I was about 9:40. Fog rises from cow poop faster. Barefoot Julian my guide to the world of exposed soles said don't sweat it. It will take time. A tip that's really helped is to make extensive use of sidewalks. Also, don't just go out and tear your feet up. Run with a pair of shoes if your trying a new distance. That way you can always slip em on if you get too sore. Until I get more comfortable, they are my safety blanket. This is the furthest barefoot I've ever ran. My previous best was a 6 miler on a sidewalk in North Carolina. My soles held up pretty well. Krause suggested I write a list of what it running barefoot feels like. I'd get great joy in seeing his version. He imagined rubbing his lips on the sidewalk. The image is in my head. If you're bf & running boredom, I'd say the most challenging part is the section on Bootz. It's just been tar chipped and its still pretty rough. Imagine running on petrified cottage cheese. Ouch! I had to gingerly pick my way through. I also had to walk around a few rough spots near the Cohen's warehouse in the heights. Afterwards Adam showed up at Running Central. He looked beat from getting ready for the kids camp next week. The store looked great and the weather was perfect. Overall a good run!

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