Friday, July 24, 2009

Barefoot Milestone

I was going to hit the pool this morning and swim a workout. But I just slept in. Some days its just not worth the effort to chew through the restraints and get out of bed.

Last night was a milestone of sorts for my barefoot running. I went to Brad's FAST practice and decided to try the group B workout. It went really well. The workout consisted of a 2 mile warm up through the cemetery followed by a double series of ladders on the Glen Oak hill. I was only able to muster a 9-10 minute pace and wasn't able to accurately do the 60 second pickups on the last 2 mile segment but I did complete the distance and I didn't have any major delamination issues.

I've decided to run Huntsville in December barefoot. My goal is to run the course entirely barefoot at a pace fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon (3:20).


Shevaun said...

You know the restraints are just there for your own protection;-)

Matt S. said...

Nice Rob, that's awesome! Also, I may join you (not barefoot) in Huntsville. I can't decide if I want to run Huntsville or the California International Marathon in December. Either way, best of luck in your training. Talk soon.