Tuesday, May 19, 2009

But it's not the suit - yeah right

Why doesn't FINA get it? Competitive swimming has all but lost the concept of fair and natural perormance by allowing the Speedo LZR and now Arena...or Jaked suits. Success in swimming is now determined by the suit/equipment/performance-aid of specific manufacturers. What ever happed to athletic prowess? I believe this is really bad long term for swimming. Check out the piece just published in The Science of Sport.

"In less than 10 years, a grand history of human physical endeavor has been undone by a few individuals. It is obvious that the current FINA executive and Bureau are incapable of controlling swimming to make it the test of the human vs. human it has traditionally been.

Why haven't FINA acted to save the sport from the intrusion of technology that makes competitions unfair? What is FINA's motive? One can only speculate on a range of motives from incompetence to undisclosed personal incentives.

We are watching the most rapid decline in the concept of fair and natural performance in the sport's history. Swimming medals, once determined by 1000ths of a second of natural talent, now are determined by the suit/equipment/performance-aid of specific makers. Manufacturers are now aggressively escalating the violation of the sport's traditional competition ethics while the Nero-like FINA members sit idly by, seemingly frightened to act in the Circus that continues to unfold." -- SOF

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