Thursday, January 14, 2010

Races I'd Like Run 2010

I divide my season up between A, B, and C events. The A events I consider to be most important. B events are important for training measurements and C races are just for fun or as to be incorporated as part of my workout schedule.

C February 13 -- Wildlife Winter Trail Run 6k
B March 21 -- Delavan Frostbite 1/2 Marathon
C April 3 -- Springfield 1/2 Marathon
C April 24 -- Wildlife Prairie 5k Trail Run
C May 1 -- U of I Marathon
C May 29 -- Chilli River Run 5k
B+ June 19 -- Grandma's Marathon
C July 4 -- Firecracker 5k
C July 17 -- Evergreen Tri (Sprint Distance)
C July 24 -- Iron Abe (Sprint Distance)
C August 7 -- Canton Triathlon (Sprint Distance) -- Triathlon
C August 15 -- Brimfield Old Settlers 5k
C August 22 -- Pigman 1/2 Ironman -- Triathlon
C Sept 15? -- IVS Half Marathon
C Sept 18 -- Morton Pumpkin 10k
A October 10 -- Chicago Marathon
B April 2011 -- Boston Marathon

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have room on your schedule for one of the Marathons I'm hosting here in Boone, but it's ideal for barefoot running (after I've swept the twigs and rocks). It's not BQ certified, but they're all free races.

A lot of people seem to be interested in the Flatlanders Marathon, which is in July. Boone has pretty mild summers because of the elevation.

I'd like to be able to post "Course Records" faster than my 4:26. I imagine you'd be in the 3:20s on this course.