Thursday, January 14, 2010

Barefoot Owie? Try Gorilla Glue

I've not tried this but it sounds promising. Fellow barefoot runner Tellman Knudson sent this email in....

Gorilla Glue:
For the first few months of this run I was trying all sorts of products to protect my feet after suffering cuts and blisters. I tried this “Tough Foot” stuff meant for sled dogs (literally. I had to order it from a vet). We tried soaking my feet in an iodine/alum concoction. We tried super gluing wounds.

But finally, through much trial and error, I’ve found the ultimate solution to barefoot running wounds: Gorilla Glue.

When the good people at Gorilla Glue came across my article in Men’s Journal last month, they got a hold of us and shipped us all sorts of product. I’ve got enough glue to get me and my and feet across the country now, and Lauren (the marketing director) even threw in a bunch of hats, tee shirts and gorilla tape.

Thanks, Gorilla Glue! I bet you didn’t know how well your magic goop helps to seal up sole holes and foot woopses. You guys are helping us get across the county, and in turn helping homeless youth in America. Please make sure everyone at your company gets a big “Thank You!” from the RunTellmanRun crew.



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