Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Week Wasn't As Bad

Ok. It's Saturday night. In retrospect the week was hard. Very hard. But I accomplished the primary objective of the key workouts. The first challenge getting through the Wed workout (see below). Adam White's been a great help this week. He led the group through this workout and we managed to hit our paces. Adam owns Running Central. IMO, it's the best place you can ever expect to go to find great advice or help. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is better. We were beat at the end but it was beautiful to hit a tough workout flawlessly.

The next big challenge was Friday. We had 6 miles to do with 3 at pace and 3 faster than pace continuous. Patrick, our local mileage junky show up for the evening run. Of course, he'd already done 14 that morning. So he led me out (a bit too fast PAT!). Anyway, I averaged 6:31 out and 6:20 back. I did however take a break in the middle. Guess pace isn't quite there yet. Oh well it's still early in the program.

Finally, the big 20 miler today. Can't say I was really looking forward to it. We planned on meeting at the River Plex and running toward the tower. That meant 10 miles up hill basically. A tough course. Well, we got a break in the weather. It hit 58! A veritable heat wave for Peoria lately. I shed the long sleeve shirt at mile 3 in the Springdale cemetery and never regretted it. I was really beat on the last 4 miles coming home. But again, Adam, who's not even training for a marathon showed up and ran the whole thing at our pace. Thanks again Adam. It was a huge help. Over all, I am happy. A great week of running. Tomorrow I have to do 8 miles to finish the week but don't expect that to be a big deal. I might have to do it later in the day. Next week is the first test run. Hope the cemetary stays thawed out so we can get er done!


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