Friday, February 13, 2009

Thurday Night's 4 Miles At Pace

Good group last night.  Adam led us from Running Central for a West Peoria loop.  The warm up was down Moss to the Radison then we worked our paces for the next four traversing the Golf course, Sterling, Heading and Bradley Park.  Then we crossed University on Armstrong and hoofed it back up Sheridan back home to Running Central.  

We average 7:21 for the 1 1/4 mile warmup The loop was 3.9 miles long and by accident I didn't stop my watch at the end.  It was dark and I thought I had but the button must have not pressed.  Oh well.  For the part I can see I'd say we avg. no worse than 6:25 pace.

Mile 1 6:14
Mile 2 6:28
Mile 3 6:22
Mile 4 6:25???

Avg pace 6:22

The cool down was about a mile. Overall, it wasn't bad.  We were a bit fast for our goal pace but considering the company we keep we kept it real.  I did 5 real easy (9 min/mile) this morning barefoot on the treadmill.  Ready for tomorrow?  I can't wait, it will be a blast!  Everyone is really running well.  I was worried about the Danimal.  A knee brace.  NOT GOOD! Is his knee still bugging him?

Total mileage was 6 1/4.

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