Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tonights Planned Workout

I need to stop obsessing about tonight. We have plans for running 2x4 miles on a hilly course w/ the first four at goal marathon pace and the second four faster than our goal pace. It's essential for me to be honest about my ability. Where I am I in my training? If I choose an overly ambitious pace, it will be impossible for me to complete the workout as prescribed. This schedule is not (at all) forgiving. Tonight is especially challenging. It is VERY cold, the traffic will be the heaviest at around 5-6pm when I step, and the darkness and extreme low temp will mess with my ability to stay focused or to even see my pace on my watch. According to the wind won’t be a big factor at 4 mph (thankfully).

When I look at a week of BDI scheduled training I first prioritize Gregs top 2 or 3 workouts and make a mental note. This way, when life creates havoc (and it will) I can let workouts go in order of importance. Also, don't over do a lower priorty workout the day before. It's better to miss the objective of a lesser workout if it means you'll be fresh for the key one.

IMO, this workout is the SECOND(#2) most important workout for the week. #1 is Saturday’s 20 miler. The Long Run is always your Huckleberry! That said: I MUST START GETTING MENTALLY FOCUSED FOR TONIGHT!

My plan is to run from RC to the tower averaging a pace that I hope to run my next marathon at. For me, it's between 6:35-6:45 minutes per mile(not including the warm-up). This is the pace I shoot for climbing to the tower. What the spread? My goal pace for a marathon is 6:35 per mile on a flat course and 6:45 per mile at Boston).

This represents almost 15 seconds faster on average than I've ever ran a marathon. This is 20 seconds faster per mile than I have ever ran this course. Additionally, it’s the first time this training cycle I have been asked to run my goal pace. I know I can do it. Last year I ran a half marathon in Delevan averaging 6:24 per mile.. So know I am capable of such a pace. So that gets me to the tower. Then the second, and as important part of tonights workout, is to get a drink, refocus and make the return trip at a faster pace than I came to the tower. I hope to be at least one minute faster coming home. Tonight will hurt but is definitely doable. The workout conditions suck! I would like to leave RC tonight uplifted and definitely not defeated.

1. Not doing the workout tonight! *FAIL*
2. Doing the workout simply as a brisk training run *FAIL*
3. Not negative splitting the intervals (means I went out way too fast for ability/conditions) -- This is a big possibility because I lack experience and it’s dark enough I wont really be able to see my watch during the run. *C+/B-*
4. Going out too slow (Reaching the tower avg. MGP+30) *C*

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