Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last Night's Pool Party

Ok.  I swear I didn't eat this! 

It was beautifuAdd Imagel weather for last nights pool party.  The first run back after the bout of flu.  I have to say I didn't feel at all compfortable for any mile.  At mile 4 I told the group I had to fall back but then I didn't for some reason.  Maybe it was just the fact the I relaxed a moment that made staying with the pack easier.  Danimal ran really well.  He's been fighting a nagging calf injury.  I think he's getting over it.  BTW that beard is making you look old beyond your years! How bout some manscaping!  WTF is SCHROFF!  We need him back!  The Big Willie was on his own.  It was nice to see Zoepple again (2 weeks is too long between runs)! 

Tonight it's 4 at pace.  Same tomorrow.  All in preparation for the test run on Saturday.  More to be revealed!  


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