Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is a snapshot from last nights 5x2 mile workout. It was a great workout but you can definitely see my fade on each interval. I have to say that it became markedly more difficult when total darkness struck for some reason. It was windy and the footing was getting a bit slick w/ ice beginning to form but mostly it was the uncertainess of being able to see the road that worked against me.

I originally intended to do an active 3 minute recovery. After the first interval I figured 2 laps easy around the blvd w/ the statue would be about 3 mins. It turned out to be 3:25. I was more fatigued than I hoped after the 2nd interval so I decided to just wait 3 mins and then go. During the 3rd interval, the sun went down but Neltner had already left on what would be his last (he wasn’t feeling very good). Having him leave before me gave me somebody to work on for the first mile into the wind. I caught him just after we entered the cemetery. It made a difference having him with me. Number 4 was by myself and by then completely black. The wind was really blowing into my face. When I saw my split of 7 minutes I was totally shocked at how badly I had fallen off pace. The combo of fatigue, wind and dark got the best of me. I didn’t really want to do the last one and in fact nearly went to my car. Then I decided to just do it as a cool down. As I started, I sort of just fell back into a working pace and figured what the heck and finished the set. Not pretty but I got it done. Adam really seemed to come back to life and it was entertaining seeing how he’d get further around on me each set. By the last set he was less than a ½ mile from the end as I left! That guy can ROLL! I’m hoping he doesn’t completely unglue me tomorrow. We are doing our 22 miler a day early because I am leaving town. I did 6 easy on the treadmill barefoot tonight. I let you know how it goes. We’re heading for the RI trail.

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