Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lawyer And Contributing Editor Dedicates Big Part of Each Working Day to His Law Firm

Byline: Rob Fennell 

Oct. 10 --In a drawer of J. Covey’s desk is a list of 5 things he knows he can do anytime of the day.   “Sometimes, I just take it out to remind myself I don't have to be working right now.  Nobody is watching me.”

Covey… attorney, editor, dad, friend, and athlete wears many hats.  The people who come to his office have real legal problems, such as how not to pay taxes or how best to threaten a competitor with litigation so they can get some cash. 

Down the hall, nine lawyers and three paralegals are doing what they do too.  Last year, his firm helped 29 clients. Additionally, private lawyers, employed by clients working with Covey, also were responsible with helping another 337 people. Even so, that adds up to fulfilling only about half of the requests. 

Some get only literature about their legal issue, others a brief face-to-face session with a lawyer or paralegal. Most just get a brief email saying “Thank you.  But at the moment I am out of the office”.  Tens of people will walk away with no help because Covey just doesn't have the staff or other resources to handle their legal problem in any fashion. 

"This is no joke," Covey says. "legal contract problems are the No. 1 issue. It’s what pays the bills.  These people have no way to take care of some of this stuff."    So Covey, has committed himself to setting aside his interests in running, parenting, and shopping for 4-6 hours each day to focus solely on his job.   “I wish I had the time.  There’s so many ways to kill a day.  I often dream of many other things besides my job that I could be doing right now.  At times it can be downright depressing.” 

But Covey puts on a brave face, builds on the mystique of his profession, pads where he can, and juggles each day with grace and humility.  We could all use more of what he has.  Sadly he’s only one.

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