Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They ran like this....

This is a terrific slide show of Greg White (Big Dog), Glenn Latimer, Phil Lockwood, Mike Sonnemaker, Steve Shostrom and the rest of the gang. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be around that many great runners. In one shot, taken at Sheridan Village, Greg notes that he ran a 32:22 10k and came in 9th! Talk about a tough crowd! I would say they wrote the book on tough!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot :-). So I asked Greg about that hat...He says:

"In those days it was a painters hat made of paper or the early Tyvex. I found that hats worked great as both an insulator to keep heat in and out by soaking it with water at aid station to go as far as throwing ice in the hat and letting it melt. also great in the rain and on sunny days I could turn it around and protect my neck. Also kept my Perm in place. Hat also I thought kept me from squinting and adding tension to my face which I thought would progress down into my shoulders. also at times it made me look Cool in pictures."

I agree Greg, way COOL!

Celebrating on a bus bench in Chicago. "We could party anywhere"


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Matt Stevenson said...

Absolutely awesome pictures. Thanks for posting...really cool!