Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update on Barefoot Vs Shod Test

 Here is the data from the Barefoot test on the 13th:

Barefoot Test.jpg

I was pretty spent for the last 2 intervals.  I have to say I really didn't want to run the last 2 mile interval but was glad I did in the end.  I got a great workout out of it even if the data was a bit inconclusive.  It's skewed from going too hard for fitness and conditions on the first interval.  I felt very heavy in the Brooks shoe I chose for the test.  I has a lot more heel than my Mizuno's although most folks would call the shoe a racing shoe.  The heel was noticable and really inhibited my foot strike making me work harder.  I wonder if a better test of barefoot / shod would be to run the first one at my perceived 10k or even Marathon Pace effort shod and then follow barefoot with the same HR.  I would get more consistent splits and could adjust for conditions by running by perception.  You can see my recoveries were very long (especially after the first interval).  

Today is a much needed day off and tomorrow I hit it hard again in Springdale Cemetery.  My next long run will on Saturday be in sweltering Louisville, Kentucky!  15 miles of fun!


Matt S. said...

Glad you're back at pain free Rob!

Matt S. said...

Sorry...typo. I meant to say, "back at it pain free..."