Monday, July 19, 2010

Louiville Update....Like Running In Someones Mouth

On Saturday I did my long run in Louisville.  Wow.  As you know from reading my blog, I enjoy running my mouth.   I don't enjoy running IN someone else's mouth.  That's what it felt like. Louisville is HOT and unshakably humid.  I could not get the heat off me as I ran along the Ohio river.  Don't get me wrong, it was pretty and the trail were it not smothered in humidity would have been a great path for my Saturday run.  My strength was slowly sapped from my bod.  People who live in Louisville must be tough as nails.  If you train in this stuff all the time, any race conditions you ever run in will seem ideal.  I saw 2 trees fighting over a dog.  It was so hot, a group of wino's passed around a dilly bar.  Unfortunately, I did not get any barefoot running in as the trail was too gritty for my ability.  If I have a run over 6 miles I can't seem to master it barefooted.  I can run only very slowly for long distances. What do you other barefooters do?  I'm at a loss.  I really want to get my barefoot mileage up so I can run Chicago but I need to do it without losing all my fitness.  Shev and I did have a lot of fun on Saturday night.  We stayed at the Gault House.  Just a block away, on Fourth street they have a section closed to all but foot traffic with a live band.  Here's a shot of it.

At my hotel was perhaps the strangest convention I've ever seen. It's called the My Little Pony Fair. Billed as the world's first large-scale MLP collectors convention. Hundreds of My Little Pony collectors come from all across the globe to meet others who share their interest over the course of several fun-filled days. I can only imagine the kinky Pony play that must have been going on in rooms on all floors. This annual gathering is the world's largest celebration of everything MLP and brings collectors, friends, and fanatics from all over the world together for a weekend of pony fun! Talk about Pony Fun!!!!

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