Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in the saddle (er treadmill that is)

After almost 3 weeks of healing (i.e. drinking bourbon, wine and eating copious amounts of doritos) I finally got back on that donkey. My back has been killing me. I'm guessing it's not from overuse (if it is I'm in real trouble). Went to see my favorite chiropractor, Dr. Church and he straightened me out but I am still tender. Mt my left foot still hurts a bit from Huntsville. I did the "fat burn" workout on my treadmill. Set it for 35 minutes, max grade 5%, max speed 8.0 mph. I'd call it a medium effort success. Looking forward to more tomorrow. I don't have a plan yet.

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southofthecliff said...

Plan shlan. Nice site!

Barefoot Josh