Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Barefoot in the Moonlight

Last night was a beautiful evening for a run. I enjoyed the full moon and the view of it made of the Illinois river valley from Grandview drive. It was nothing short of breathtaking. The river was calm except for the churn of the current and the moon lit the scene with a warm glow. My run was about 12 miles and started from my house. I'm running much more comfortably without shoes.It no longer seems strange. I still have a rough time on Mt Hawley road but it's slowly getting easier. I was about a block from home when I realized I didn't have my Vibrams. I normally carry them on longer runs "just in case". It was a first to go that far without spare tires ;-). I was OK with that and didn't bother returning home for them. I've not had real problems with foot wounds in a while. When I finished I recorded 11.78 miles. Id have done 12 but nature was calling. I admit I did run cautiously. I didn't have spare shoes and was afraid of landing on something nasty. In the end it was all good. I've not done much barefoot running in the dark but now I am a bit more experienced. Some positive aspects of running barefoot in the dark are that it forces you to focus on sensory feedback and not rely so much on your vision. Relaxing more and trusting myself, I was feeling my feet landing on the ground instead of anticipating the pain of a sharp fact, looking down was pretty much pointless.

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Matt S. said...

Thumbs up Rob! Good stuff.