Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Your a Homo. If You Recieve This From Me It Means I Hate You.

I admit I am immature. I came across this product the other day and just had to get it on Faster-Than-Schroff. I would guess their milk is flying off the shelf in certain cities. Do you know what homo tastes like? Drink this milk at your own risk. Do you think I can get the Nielson company to sponsor Schroffy? It would be great to see there "Tastes Like Homo" slogan on his singlet at the next 5k.

Tonight was another crappy wet night for a run. However, being totally out of shape somehow made for a double negative and turned the whole run into a positive. I ended up only going a few miles but barefoot through the Hawley Hills Hell Hole as I now refer to it. It's Peoria's sharpest chip sealed neighborhood. What a pleasure it is to run in. Almost like sticking your foot into the mouth of an angry pit bull with each and every step. Someday soon I hope to be able to actually run all the way around that block without stopping to wince in pain.

Here's a great idea for an email you can send to the next jerk who forwards you one of those stupid chain emails. Enjoy.