Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hell be damned

Tonight I took on my petrified cottage cheese roads. The city of peoria SUCKS!!!! They've decided my neighborhood streets were in need of a resurface job despite the fact they were fine. They coated them with what I can only decribe as sharpened petrified cottage cheese. All summer while trying to master barefoot running I've had to dance my way out the door for the first 2 miles and hope my feet didn't turn to hamburger before I hit Prospect. Tonight, I read Ken-Bob's posts for courage and went forth to face my fears. I ran 6 miles on the absolutely most retched streets in town. My hood. I survived by relaxing relaxing relaxing. Some dits of a woman pulled up beside me in her minivan to say "Sir, are you ok?". I replied, "Of course I'm not ok bitch! But thank you for asking. Go back to your couch!" (ok I didn't) But Ouch!


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Matt S. said...

The minivan part made me laugh, sorry about your new roads.