Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Screaming Pumpkin Race Report

I thought you might like to see a clip from Friday evenings Screaming Pumpkin Marathon. The race start shown in the video was actually the 5k that accompanied the event. The marathon had a staggered start for teams and runners. It turned out to be a great evening. Unlike most marathons, this one was a prediction run where watches are not allowed. There was a LOT of partying going on around the start later that night. Let’s just say the Gatorade bottles of some spectators were holding some pretty unusual recovery drinks. The runner finishing closest to midnight was the winner. FYI, I am the one in the gorilla costume. I have a good story surrounding the race. We took Shev’s Murano to the Lower Glenn Oak Pavilion to drop off tables and chairs etc. It was getting late so we left to get ready. We planned on picking up the kids at school and heading home to change into costumes. Shev was planning to go as Gene Simmons of Kiss fame. On the way to school she was rear ended. Fortunately there was no damage to the car but the ensuing chaos meant we were late picking up the girls. I was behind schedule and needed to get to the park so I headed out without Shev. She was still putting on her makeup and had to get the girls costumes ready. I was at the race and swamped with entrants and an hour later I was really beginning to worry about where the heck she was. It was getting so close to start time. I had left my phone in my car. I finally got a relief assistant so I could go to the car and get it. I had 20 missed calls all from her. Turns out, I failed to pull our side door shut and our dog Daisy had escaped. She wandered over to the (yet to be introduced) new neighbors, the O’Brien’s and bit their dog so badly it needed medical attention. My dog has sensitive skin so I had previously taken her collar off. Animal control was called and they were in the midst of chasing her down the street when Shev noticed the ruckus. She managed to talk AC out of impounding the dog. Shev was in a panic and reluctant to go over to the Obrien’s house to find out what was happening because she had her Kiss makeup on. She figured figure it couldn’t possibly go over well looking like she did. Turns out they (fortunately) didn’t press any charges. Whew! We are definitely now the biggest rednecks of the hood. Look to the Fennells for car crashes, cops, dog fighting, and Kiss costumes.

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Matt S. said...

Great work Rob! Looks like you had a great turnout, way to go you big gorilla.