Monday, September 10, 2007

Pre-Marathon Preparations

Pfitzinger recommends eating something right after you wake up to replenish the glycogen stores in the liver and pancreas. They are normally depleted while sleeping. I’d avoid anything real fibrous like fruit if you are worried about GI problems. My favorite race food is a bowl of sweet cereal like captain crunch with skim milk and an orange juice. The simple sugars break down and there’s not much fiber. It seems to wake me up. The skim milk has a bit of protein and carbs as well but some people are grossed out by the thought of milk before a long run. Eat a fairly small portion and then maybe a little something right before you run like a power bar and perhaps a gel pack right before you start. Make sure you try it out before hand so you know how your body will react. As far as socks, yeah, I avoid cotton and buy the tech socks like these:

I also load up on the body glide around the shorts, thighs and feet and nipples (yeah I know it sounds weird). Trust me on the body glide; it makes it so much more pleasant recovering if you don’t also have all these abrasions. Take some old sweats you won’t mind ditching at the starting line to keep you warm until you start and have one of those $2 disposable ponchos to keep the rain off. Also have a head band and/or hat and gloves that you don’t mind ditching. If you get hot while your running you can always shed these these items as you get going. Definitely ditch the sweat bottoms before the start.

Here is another tip, take about a quarter of a medium sized Gatorade that you bring right to the starting line. You can down it and piss in it right before the start. Cap it and roll it to the side of the street. I know it’s gross but these are the things people do. Your bladder semi will shut down and you won’t have to pee after you get going so the fluid will stay in you and you will sweat it out.

I have a pair of Nike mayfly’s coming in to try out on my next long run. They are billed as 100k disposable shoes for marathon racing. If they are comfy I’ll try them out. Here is a link to a review:

I’ll let you know about the shoes!


GalwayMark said...

Hey! I am thinking about mayfly's for a marathon too in about one month - I have them in the box and am going to wear them tomorrow for a 5-miler. What did you think of them?

Anonymous said...


In the end, I didn't use them because I was concerned about a small separation that started on the inside edge of my left shoe where the nylon meets the foam. I did several training runs in them and liked them. They are very light and yet very cushy. The cush can absorb some of the energy but will make your feet feel better so it's a bit of a trade off. They are a really groovy piece of footwear. I found the ride to be similar with the Nike Lunar Racer. Another very cool ultra light shoe with a soft foamy sole. The lunar racer has a wider forefoot and therefore offers more control. I hope you the mayfly and pr! Please leave me a post race update!