Thursday, September 27, 2007

Advice from Coach Greg -- IVS

As I get VERY close indeed to the Chicago Marathon I am in the final phases of my training. Tonight (Thurs) I plan on 5-6 mile of running with 20 minutes of it at GMP. Friday is an easy recovery day. Saturday, I plan on conservatively racing the Zoo Run Run, Glen Oak Park in Peoria IL. It's a 5k. Sunday will be an 11 miler with 3 at pace.

And Coach Greg's advice for the 5k and the big day:

"... the 5K of Saturday should be as even as possible with a conservative 1st mile and pickup last mile look at 6:10's for 2 mile than push for whateveryou can get. In the marathon, remember to work off of 4 mile average splits. It’s best to pace off a sizeable chunk than to try to pace off each mile. The most important split is the 12-16 one. It is critical for you to be running your goal pace during this segment (or a bit faster). Don't wait till mile 22 to find your inner strength. At 22 you may feel too strong an urge to back off then it will be tough to get back on pace and to stay on pace. Remember to focus on the 12-16 mile split. I believe with what you ran at the IVS half you will be able to accomplish your objective. Your best chance will come if you average your splits each 4 miles. You will get there. Don't change thursdays workout that I sent. Run well on Sat."

The coach has spoken......

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