Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mayfly Update

Tuesday I ran for the first time in my Nike Mayfly's. The shoe seems to provide ample cushion but I noticed my sole was slipping a bit on the shoes inner padding. This could be a because the upper has very little mass. I was afraid to really tighten my laces. The upper is made from the same material that parachutes are made. It's probably stronger than I think. I ran about 8 miles on a trail that used to be a railroad route. The path is covered with a fine crushed rock. I didn't feel all that spry as I wasn't fully recovered from my long run on Sunday. I've been having some shin irritation on the inside of my right shin and suspect it is related to the intense week I had last week and especially the 10k race I did on Saturday followed by a 23 mile long run at 7:30 pace on Sunday.

I had my stride analyzed before the Boston Marathon last year at the expo and was told that I was a neutral gated runner but had a slight very late stage pronation. I am flat footed. I am going to hold off on my judgment of the shoe until after my next long run on Sunday.

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