Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ok.  I thought I smelled bacon buring Wed night.  Adam, his brother Ian, Joe, Jeff, Mike K., Mike Schek, and Bill all showed at the tower at 5.  The plan was to run from the tower to Edgewild and then do this 6 mile loop at about our 10k pace.  

The run went really well for me and for everone else.  However, later that night I started to really feel the blistering take effect.  I had completed 3 tough workouts in flats to include a 20 miler in 4 days and my dogs had had enough.   My foot hurts like hell.  Hope its better in a few hours.  I have a 12 miler.  It takes the joy out of my life right now. 


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Matt S. said...

Wow Rob, that is very unique. I have never seen anything like that before. Hope it turns out to be nothing!