Monday, March 9, 2009

Delavan Wind-A-Thon

Sunday March 18, 2009

It was an incredible afternoon. There was a torrential downpour before the race and the trees were moving so vigorously they looked like monsters trying to break free. The winds were as gusting in excess of 50 mph. It was a race that not just favored those runners willing to work together. It was a requirement. The few folks who ran it alone were all but immobilized by the winds. Sub 1:20 half marathon runners were forced to walk and many abandoned the effort. I worked with John Havenga with who ever we could coolesce into the pack to work the windswept roads of the Delavan Frostbite.

Time Temp Wind Gusts
13:01 59.6 °F WSW 25.7mph 35.0mph
13:06 58.3 °F West 21.9mph 35.0mph
13:11 59.8 °F WSW 32.7mph 32.7mph
13:16 60.0 °F WSW 25.0mph 41.1mph
13:21 60.1 °F West 24.7mph 34.8mph
13:26 59.9 °F West 34.2mph 43.1mph
13:31 60.3 °F WSW 28.3mph 28.3mph
13:36 59.9 °F West 49.6mph 55.0mph
13:41 59.6 °F West 39.6mph 50.9mph
13:46 58.7 °F West 30.3mph 50.9mph
13:51 58.0 °F WNW 28.3mph 39.0mph
13:56 57.8 °F West 26.1mph 40.8mph
14:01 56.5 °F WSW 36.5mph 46.5mph
14:06 55.4 °F West 33.8mph 50.6mph
14:11 54.7 °F West 50.0mph 50.2mph
14:16 53.7 °F West 43.8mph 55.3mph
14:21 53.1 °F West 49.7mph 49.7mph
14:26 52.3 °F West 40.0mph 50.8mph
14:31 52.6 °F West 30.9mph 40.9mph


The wind pressure was so extreme I could nearly put all my weight into it without falling. It was remarkable and unlike any conditions I've ever experienced. After the race however I developed a problem with my left knee. No doubt it was accumulating from all the miles and this event was enough of a stress to press me over the edge.

It's now been almost a week and I still cannot run. On Monday I was limping around like an old war vet and by wed I could walk around without any real pain. Coupled with the blisters that prevented my last weeks workouts this might be too much time off to accomplish my Boston goals but that's ok. I have a long term approach to the sport. I love to run and want to improve. Sometimes you have to give up what you love today so you can keep doing it in the future. You could say the same thing about my cholesterol and my diet.

Schroff did a fabulous job as the Race director. I appreciate how much he does for the local running community. Thanks Dave!

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Matt S. said...

I enjoyed the article. Stay positive throughout this lil hiccup; we've all been there before. I think you have a great attitude regardless. Keep up the positive attitude and great work! Fly out to San Diego and and run the RNR marathon on 5/31 with me. Let's go sub 3!