Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ever been Chicked?

Ever been chicked??? It bothers some guys to be beaten in a race by a woman. They seem to think the fairer sex could never pass them on their quest to the finish line. When it happens, results can be devastating. I had to get used to it early on. This town has too many fast women, so I never have to go far for an ass whooping. Nancy’s one of those women I need to warn you about. She's been smoking my butt for years. I was quite proud to FINALLY beat her last year at Steamboat (by about 10 feet)…..Is there a term for that too?

Now “getting chicked” should not be confused with being “over-chicked”, a term referring to a guy who gets a girl way over his head. We all agree, Chris A. seriously over-chicked with Nancy. 


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong if I purposefully get chicked? I have a friend who tells me it is a great race strategy to fall in behind a woman. My problem is sometimes I forget to pass her again.

Anonymous said...

That is always a risk.